Need a creative financing solution? Turned down by a conventional lender? Want to buy before you sell?

Private money lending may be the answer.

I have helped my clients through over 2000 transactions, funding more than $1 billion in mortgage loans during thirty years in the mortgage industry. Call me directly, or learn more about how we can work together.

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Consumer Bridge Loan


  • Buy your new home before you sell your departing residence
  • Qualify based on your current home equity, not income or credit
  • Great for retired borrowers who have home equity but no income  
  • Make a clean offer with no loan/appraisal contingency
  • Fully approved in 1-2 days – before you make your offer!

Private Money Lending


  • Borrowers who have cash constraints, but equity in another property
  • Borrowers who run out of money in the middle of construction
  • When the borrower is a corporation, irrevocable trust, foreign national, or estate
  • Those who have issues with employment, income, assets, or too many mortgage loans
  • And many more outside the box lending situations

Trust Deed Investing


  • Investment is secured by real property in California
  • Each individual investment can be carefully vetted before investing
  • Short-term loans are often available for investors who like liquidity
  • RMC finds investments where the perceived risk is higher than the real risk
  • Investors receive regular monthly income

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The personal side of private money lending.


Downsizers Get Their Dream Home – And Make a Profit!

Yvonne and David love their new home in Santa Cruz! Without a bridge loan though, it wouldn’t have happened. The bridge allowed them to make a cash-like offer, beating five other bidders, and gave them the time to move into the new home and make improvements on the old one after close, before it was sold.

The Challenge: Downsizing empty-nesters wanted to purchase 257 Sheldon Avenue in Santa Cruz but there wasn’t much time. It was a multiple offer situation and the borrowers had to make an offer in two days with no contingencies and a 17 day close or they wouldn’t be competitive enough to get their dream home near the beach. Liquidating investments to provide enough money for the purchase wasn’t an option and would have presented them with a huge tax bill. To get the value our of their current residence, it would need work, so selling before buying would have meant either living with construction or losing much of the value of their home in the transition.

Solution: Their residence at in Mountain View was worth over $2.5 Million with only a $600,000 mortgage. I had them approved for a consumer bridge loan in 24 hours so they could make a competitive offer in time. We closed on the Santa Cruz purchase right on time. They moved into their new home, did the work needed on the Mountain View home to raise the value, and sold it for $3.1 million.

I don’t know what we could have done without Richard! We love our new home! –Yvonne