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Shopping toolkits for buying and refinancing

To get accurate rate quotes, you need to ask the right question which provides specific information about your circumstances, and compare the loan offers you receive in detail. The worksheets in these toolkits will walk you through this process, putting you in the driver’s seat to finding the right mortgage with the lowest rate and best terms. I recommend that you read Loan pricing, points, and credits before you dig in.

Important note:

When you click on the arrow below the Toolkit will open in a browser window. Although you can then enter data in the worksheets and immediately print them, YOU CANNOT SAVE the data you have entered.  For that reason, I recommend saving the Toolkit PDF to your desk top, printing it, and then filling out the worksheets.


Inside the toolkits you will find:
    • Worksheet 1: Borrower Information

The only way to get accurate and specific terms and interest rates is to provide the basic information about your unique situation. This worksheet will help you aggregate that information.

    • Worksheet 2: Ask the right question

To get a real rate quote you have to ask the right question, and that question has very specific components. This worksheet will walk you through formulating your bullet-proof question on the Create Your Question template that will assure lenders give you a rate quote you can count on.

    • Worksheet 3: Loan Comparison

When you are actively shopping for a loan, you need to make sure that you obtain certain data points from the lender about the terms, the cost, and, of course, the interest rate. You will need the loan comparison worksheet to organize the info you receive in a format that makes it easy to compare the different loan offers.