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Simple Mortgage payment calculator
This is a basic calculator for figuring a principal and interest mortgage payment using the loan amount, term of the loan in years, and the interest rate. For interest only loan simple multiply the loan amount by the interest rate and divide by 12.


Total Monthly Housing expense calculator
This calculator let’s you estimate the monthly cost of homeownership by totaling your mortgage principal and interest, monthly property tax, monthly home owner’s insurance, and HOA dues and mortgage insurance if applicable. The Monthly Property Tax field calculates an estimate based on the Property Value and general San Francisco Bay Area property tax rates. This calculator also will help you figure your estimated tax savings when you own a home, see Estimate your tax benefit accurately.


Loan comparison calculator:
This calculator is designed to compare fixed rate loans. If you are comparing ARMs you will use the worksheet, not the calculator. The Effective Interest Rate field allows you to compare fixed rate loans with different interest rates and fees. The loan with the lowest effective interest rate will be the least expensive over the entire loan term, factoring in charges and credits for a particular rate, as well as the monthly payment.