Powerful tools to help you when you buying a home or refinancing:


There are three calculators, which you can use on a computer or on a mobile device. The first one is simple, the other two are unique, powerful tools when you are buying a home or shopping for a mortgage:

  • A simple mortgage payment calculator: This is a dynamic java calculator for quickly figuring a monthly mortgage payment
  • A calculator that will let you figure your total monthly housing expense and give you the information to accurately figure the tax benefits of buying.
  • A loan comparison calculator that will let you effectively compare up to three different loan offers. Using this calculator and the Shopping Toolkit will put you in the driver’s seat when you are comparing loan offers.

Shopping Toolkits:
There are two toolkits, one for buyers shopping for a purchase mortgage, the other for borrowers who are refinancing. Each toolkit includes a worksheet to help you aggregate the information a lender needs to know in order to give you an accurate rate quote, a tutorial on how to ask the right question when shopping so you get specific, applicable and comparable quotes, and a loan comparison worksheet to compare the offers you receive. Using the toolkit will assure that there are no surprises down the road.

My take on important issues in mortgage finance and on changes in the mortgage and real estate industry that might affect you.

My book, Mortgages The Insider’s Guide, is available in paperback and as an ebook. This is a great option for those who like the feel of a book, or who want to give it as a gift to a house-hunting friend or relative.

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